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flavored-cocaine said: Omgoshhhhhhhh your back I missed this fanfic so much, update soon please

I will :)

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Chapter 3: Part 3: “You can hate me now, but I won’t stop now…”


"I counted twenty-five thousand, Kelendria" Jay’s girlfriend, Beyonce said to Nelly’s girlfriend, Kelendria as both of them sat on the love seat in Jay’s living room counting the money we stole from the Combs Trust bank.

Stealing from a bank was hard work but as I sat there watching them count the big stacks of money, I couldn’t help but feel as if it was all worth it. We stole over twenty-five thousand dollars in less than two minutes. Yeah, some innocent blood was shed but the way I saw it was, no pain, no gain. We did what we had to do by killing that officer. If he would’ve never tried to choke Ty out, he would still be alive. His dumb ass is probably in hell shaking his own head at his fucking mistake.

"Same. So that makes a total of fifty thousand dollars" Kelendria said with a big smile displayed on her face.

All of us gasped and looked at each other then back at the money.

"Fifty percent of fifty thou is twenty-five thou" Drake looked to Jay for an answer. "We do still get fifty percent, right?"

He smirked at him and nodded. “I’m a man of my word, B. Always remember that so yes, you all still get fifty percent” He stacked some money in a duffle bag then walked over to me and gave me the bag as he stared into my eyes. “You all deserve this money. You keep putting in work like that for me and I promise you, you’ll never be a broke man”

"So what are you saying exactly?" Robyn answered for me. "This isn’t just a one time thing?"

"Yeah, I thought this was just going to be a one time thing because we owe you for letting us stay" Alex added.

"Let me ask you kids something.." He paced the floor back and forth slowly while he put a cigar in his mouth and lit it.

The cigar must’ve been his signature. We had only known him for a few days and within those days, he smoked at least ten cigars but the thing was, he never finished any of them. He would light one up, take about six long puffs then put it out. It was odd and intriguing all at the same time. I was young but I knew cigars weren’t cheap so for him to just go through them like that was odd to me.

"How did it feel going in that bank and stealing fifty thousand dollars in less than two minutes? Did it feel good?" He asked.

"It didn’t feel good but it was kind of exciting…" Onika said with a slight smile on her face.

"Exciting for y’all, fucked up for me" Tyga cut his eyes low before he continued. "Did you forget some nigga almost choked me to death over this shit? Yeah, it’s a lot of money but is it worth me losing my fucking life? Fuck no"

"Listen, this was your fir-"

"This was just your first time, sweetie. Of course you all had a few…problems but with the help of Jay and the money gang, no problems like that will happen again and I can guarantee it" Beyonce gave him a warm smile.

"Oh, you can huh?" By the fire in Jay’s calm yet angry eyes and his jaw clench, I knew he was pissed not at us but his beautiful curvy girlfriend. I pondered in my mind why he was upset with her, maybe because she was trying to handle his business for him. I saw nothing wrong with that. Shit, that was a sign of a good woman in my eyes but in his eyes, it was a sign of disrespect.

"Yes, I can" She whispered through clenched teeth.

"Mm" He shot her a look that said "this is far from over" before turning his attention on me. "I understand you all had a few complications during your first major robbery, son bu-"

"What did I tell you about that shit?" My nostrils started flaring like a bull as my blood pressure flew through the roof. "I’m not your son, I’m just your employee so treat me like you treat that nigga" I nodded my head towards Nelly who was sitting on the edge of the love seat staring his girlfriend down.

Nelly laughed, shaking his head. “Yo dirty, this little nigga’s disrespect is trying my patience. You need to handle him”


"Why don’t you handle me country nigga?" I rolled my sleeves up before balling my fists up tightly. "You been talking slick as fuck and every time, I let that shit slide but never again. Fucking handle me mothafucka, handle me" I went to stand up when Trey pushed me back down.

"Calm the fuck down, Chris. I know you big and bad but that nigga ain’t the one and you can tell by the look in his eyes so calm down" He whispered to nothing but deaf ears.

Truth be told, I wasn’t the one to be afraid of any man. I had seen and been through too much to be afraid of men. I didn’t care if the nigga had a knife, gun or some crazy shit like a bamboo stick on him, I wasn’t afraid of him but I knew my actions could result in me fucking up this deal with Jay or worse, me fucking up the lives of all the people I cared about so I turned my head and fought the urge to swing on him.

"Is this little nig-"

"Nelly, shut the fuck up" Jay shot him a deadly look before sitting down on the coffee table in front of me. "Look at me, B" He turned my head to face him and at that time, all I saw was red because I was still heated about Nelly disrespecting me.

I smacked his hand down as my chest started heaving up and down. “Don’t fucking touch me, aight? Just back the fuck up” I clocked Nelly pulling his gun out of his holster out of the corner of my eye and I parted my lips to say something when Jay spoke for me.

"Nelly, put the gun away" He said with his eyes still glued to mine.


"PUT IT AWAY!" He yelled and Nelly reluctantly put it away, still eying my every move. "Chris…" He grabbed my shoulders and forced me to look deep into his eyes.

Something about the way he grabbed me this time, made me want to fuck him up but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t move and I didn’t even have a snappy comeback. I just sat there staring into his eyes waiting for him to say what he had to say.

"You got ambition, I see that. You got leadership, I see that too but the thing you have the most is anger. A lot of niggas have anger in them and they don’t know what to do with it but you do. You ready to snap at any moment, not saying that’s a good thing but not saying it’s a bad thing either. You have three powerful things inside of you and if you can learn how to put all three together, you can be where I’m at. I’m dead serious. This nigga sees it" He pointed to Nelly. "That’s why he fears you"

Nelly sucked his teeth. “Wh-“

"He used to be just like you when he was your age so he knows a nigga like you is the most dangerous nigga on the street. Let me tell you why" Jay took a long drag of his cigar then put it down in a ashtray before he continued. "Every stick up kid on the street has anger, that’s nothing new but combine that with ambition and leadership and you got a nigga with a boss mentality. He’s not afraid of anybody or anything, not even death. So what are you suppose to do with him? Kill him, right Nelly?" He gave him a quick glance then looked back at me. "Sure, but he’s not afraid of that and that is what gets you in the mind. It’s scary knowing a nigga is not afraid of shit, not even going to meet his maker. So now as you’re going to kill him, that’s in your mind and fear is pricking your heart. This nigga has not only got into your mind but also your heart, just with the look in his eyes. You can read a person’s life story by just looking in their eyes. So, as he’s looking in your eyes ready to kill you, he’s sweating, his hands are shaking and he’s afraid for his own life" He chuckled. "You hear me? This weapon is pointed at you but he’s afraid for his own life" He clapped his hands together loudly, making everybody in the room jump except for me. "That’s a fucking boss, that is you" He pointed his finger to my chest. "You’re the scariest nigga on this street and I need you, B. I’m not lying to you, I need you. I need all of you" He looked at everyone then back in my eyes. "With all of you on our team, we can rule not only New York but the fucking world but you have to trust in me like I trust in you. Can you do that?" He held his hand out for me to shake.

His words replayed in my head over and over again for at least two minutes while I stared at his hand. Everything he said made sense to me. He read me like a book. I wasn’t afraid of shit, not even death and I know that impressed him because he was the same way. We were two of the same kind of men, something rare. Only difference between us was he had more money than me. For some odd reason, that irked me because I knew I deserved his life more than he actually did. I wanted it more, I needed it more. That simple fact made me shake his hand. “I can do that”

He grinned from ear to ear. “Good. Welcome to the money gang family, kids” He stood up and spread his arms out wide. “Come on, let’s bring it in” 

All of them went to hug him along with Nelly, Kelendria and Beyonce. By the look in Drake, Onika, Tyga, Alex, Robyn and Trey’s eyes, I knew they were doing it out of fear and confusion. I made a mental note to sit them down and explain why I agreed to it all later on when we were alone then jumped into the big hug.

"We fam now so which one of y’all cooking for a nigga?" Nelly gave me a smile then mushed my head playfully. "No harm done, right?"

I just looked at him blankly as I tried my hardest to maintain my calm composure.

He smirked. “Come on, we fam now. We got to look out for each other” He held his hand out for me to shake. “You can kill me later”

"Promise, fam?" A sly smirk ran across my face while I shook his hand lightly.

He laughed it off but I could tell by the look in his eyes, he knew I wasn’t joking.

"Alright! Now that we are all fam, let’s talk about your next jo-"

"Excuse me?" Jazmine walked inside the living room with tears streaming out of her puffy eyes and her cheeks were red. "There is no other job, we quit"

"Jazzie…actually" Robyn swallowed hard and walked over to her. "We just got our official introduction into the money gang family" She went to hug her and she quickly backed up, looking to me for an answer.

"Let’s talk in the back" I grabbed her by her arm and was about to pull her down the hallway when she yanked her arm out of my grip.

"Fuck talking!" She cried out. "We killed someone today because of him!" She pointed to Jay. "He said no one would get hurt, you said no one would get hurt! You lied to me, Chris! You lied to me!" Tears blurred her visions as she let all of her frustrations out by slapping me on my chest.

For a few minutes, I just let her do it. I knew she was innocent and pure so seeing what she saw was driving her damn near insane. Ever since we got back from the bank, she had been in the bathroom crying her eyes out. My heart pained slightly at the very thought of her crying but wouldn’t hurt too much for her. I liked Jazmine. Despite of my mind telling me I didn’t, I did but my heart was cold to the world and wouldn’t allow me to feel too much for her. Still, she had claimed a small piece of my heart the first day I met her.

"I hate you! I want to go home! I fucking hate you and everyone! He’s a killer, Chris! He’s a killer!" She continued slapping me until her hands stung and she collapsed in my chest, sobbing loudly.

"Do we have a problem?" Jay asked sternly.

"No, no problem at all" I dragged her down the hallway to the bathroom despite her dragging her feet and pushed her into the bathroom before slamming the door closed. "Jazmine, calm the fuck do-" I paused as my eyes caught a glimpse of the bloody sweater on the bathroom floor. "What the hell are you still doing with this?" I picked it up and looked in her eyes. "This is why you’re still crying"

"No, I’m still crying because we killed an innocent person" She fell against the wall and slid down until her bottom reached the floor. "We killed him, he had a family…"

"Yeah, well we did what we had to do to keep Tyga alive and the sooner you realize that the better" I said dryly. "If Drake didn’t pull that trigger, Tyga would be dead. Would you rather him be dead instead of that random nigga?"

"No, I would rather no one be dead at all!" She screamed. "If we would’ve never did what we did, nobody would be dead. We wouldn’t have innocent blood on our hands and sweaters, Chris. Please..can we just get out of here and go back? Our lives have been nothing but hell ever since we left"

"What?" I screwed my face up. "Our lives have been nothing but hell since we left that fucking hell hole we lived in, Jazmine? Yeah, we’ve been struggling with the money but at least we’re free from the abuse we were under. Listen, I know you’re upset right now about what happened but tomorrow you’ll be over it and everything will be al-"


I was trying my hardest to maintain my calm demeanor but her screaming was making it extremely hard. I understood why she was upset. Part of me knew what she was saying was the truth. Jay was using us but we were using him also. He needed a team of teen robbers, we needed a place to lay our head and money so it was a fair exchange of using in my eyes.

I stared at her lips moving as my ears tuned her out. I could see her lips flapping but I couldn’t hear anything which is what I wanted. I didn’t have time to listen to her bitch and complain about me trying to make a better life for all of us. Hell, I didn’t even need for her to do the job with us. Matter of fact, I would rather Jazmine stay home with Beyonce than go on the jobs with us. At least then I would know for sure that she was safe instead of in danger.

Just when I thought she was finished ranting, I heard her say something that would send me over the edge. “Excuse me, what did you say?”

"You heard me" She sniffled.

"No, I actually didn’t because I tuned you out for the longest so what did you say?" I asked calmly but on the inside, I was livid. I needed to hear her say it again before I snapped. 

Jazmine rose to her feet and crossed her arms before repeating it. “I said, maybe if your mother loved you more we wouldn’t be in this situation and you wouldn’t be so mea-“ 

I burst out into laughter, making her eyebrows furrow. “My bad…” I laughed harder while my face turned plum red out of anger. “I’m just wondering who the fuck you think you are” 


I swiftly pushed her against the wall before invading her personal space. “You listen to me and you listen fucking good. I know you’re a sweet angel and you live on a magic cloud of hope made by your God but the rest of the world lives in the real cruel world where nobody gives a fuck about you not even God. Think I’m lying? God let my nigga Trey get raped anally by his stepfather. God let my mother beat me mercilessly almost every fucking day and God, your God let you get raped by your stepfather. You think he gives a fuck about you? You think he’s going to save you from this world, Jazmine? You need to wake the fuck up already. We’re all we have out here in these streets, we don’t have anybody else. Nobody’s going to have sympathy on poor homeless children, Jazmine and you know that. You might think I’m being mean or heartless and maybe I am but according to your dumb logic, it’s because my mother never loved me but the truth is, I don’t give a fuck about the bitch and I’m starting not to give a fuck about the complaining bitch you are so you know what?” I took a few steps back and threw the sweater in her face. “You can go home to your father. I’m actually starting to think those rapes were you just fucking him”

Immediately after the vicious words escaped my lips, I felt a sharp pain in my heart and remorse right away but my stubborn nature wouldn’t let me apologize for what I said. Instead, I just turned the opposite direction of her and the sobs that came from her made tears come to my eyes, something extremely rare. “I-”

"Yo!" Jay knocked on the door. "Is everything alright in there?"

I quickly blinked the tears away and walked out of the room to find him standing there in his silk pajamas. “Everything’s fine” I closed the door. “Jazmine just needs a minute then she’ll be out”

He nodded. “Alright, get some sleep B” He slapped my chest lightly. “You got a big day ahead of you tomorrow” He didn’t even wait for me to respond before he started walking down the hallway.

"Yeah, I’m sure I do…"


"The Combs Trust Bank was robbed late last night by masked gun men. Two employees were severely injured and a security guard was shot and killed. There are no clues pointing to who the masked gun men were but police urges anyone who might have any kind of clues to call the number below"

I sat in the kitchen watching the news on the thirty-four inch plasma tv with a huge grin on my face. The night before, I slept like a baby just because of the little terrors I had sleeping on my living room floor. I had so many plans for them. Plans that would benefit not only myself and them but everyone in my clique. I was going to take NY back from my bitch ass brother and suck him dry while I did it. The Combs Trust Bank robbery was Part A of my plan. Part B was something that would start a blood bath on the streets and I wasn’t quite sure the kids were ready for that. However, a part of me knew Chris was. He was a natural born killer who didn’t know it yet. I could see it in his eyes that he was cut from the same cloth as me. Like myself, he was dangerous. Now all he needed was the power and he would be Nino Brown reincarnated only smarter.

I knew once he got the power, he would be the most dangerous man the streets had ever seen so I decided to get on his good side before that happened. Now that I had him, it was time to finally give him the power he so desperately wanted but not before I trained him and his crew. In all honesty, his crew was weak. They were teenagers who had all been dealt a shitty hand by life, it wasn’t the least bit surprising that some of them were weak. What was surprising, was the ones that seemed weak, Trey, Alex and Jazmine were not really weak. They were just as strong as Chris. Even though none of them could see it. Trey was the brains, Alex was the silent crazy one and Jazmine was the sweeter version of Chris. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind not to me, not to him, not to anybody. 

I smirked at the very thought just in time for Beyonce to walk in wearing an cocaine white Versace pantsuit that hugged her curves just right. I licked my lips as the tip of my dick tingled in appreciation of the way her body made the suit look good but my dick went soft at the thought of her disrespect the night before.

I turned my head in the opposite direction of her and started reading the newspaper when she sat across for me, trying so hard to get my attention by sucking her teeth and sighing loudly. I ignored her until she snatched the paper out of my hands.

"You need to stop it, I didn’t do anything wrong" She whispered through clenched teeth. "I was trying to help you ou-"

"Did I ask you to do that? Nah, I didn’t. I never do. My business has nothing to do with you, Bey. Those kids are my business so they don’t have nothing to do with yo-"

"They’re just kids!" She yelled through her chuckling. "You’re employing kids now? How desperate"

I clenched my teeth to keep myself from snapping on her ass.

Beyonce much like Jazmine, was not afraid to speak her mind. That was one of the many things that made me fall for her. I loved her feisty attitude and I thought the way she thought she could do my job was adorable but now it was working my last nerve. I had let her say her two cents on too many occasions. Now, she felt like she could say any and everything to me about my work. 

"Listen, they’re scared an-"

"And it’s not your problem who the fuck I employ, ma. My work is not your problem. You know what is your problem? That Versace shit you got on. You know why? Because if you keep flapping you lips about my business and how I should run it, you’re going to find your ass out on the street, Versaceless and running back home to be a beauty queen to mommy dearest. You feel me?" I stared deep into her eyes. "You’ve become too comfortable around here. You think because I care about you that you can just say and do whatever you gotdamn please well that’s not the case"

"What is the case then? Huh? I’m just some trophy wife that stays home and cooks your meals? You know damn well that’s not me" She said through clenched teeth. "You know I can hustle like you, baby. You know tha-"

"How you figure I know that? I don’t know that. What I do know is that you lived a sheltered life and you don’t know shit about the streets. You’re just a little rich girl fucking with a drug dealer so you think you know the streets now because I do but you don’t so yes, being a trophy wife who cooks my means is the best for you. Leave the street life to me, Beyonce" I said sternly.


The doorbell interrupted her and I yanked the paper out of her hands as I nodded towards the door. “This conversation is over. Get that, it’s Andre”

Groaning, she got up and stormed out of the room while cursing underneath her breath.

I couldn’t stop a slight chuckle from escaping my lips. She was cute to me when she was mad but I knew later on the cuteness would wear off when she wouldn’t give me none for talking to her like that. I made a mental note to stop by a flower shop and pick up a bouquet of her favorite flowers, baby blue roses on the way home from showing the kids their next job.

"She’ll be alright" I told myself. "I’m doing her a favor by keeping her away from this fucked up life. I don’t want her to get hurt out here in these street-"

"Dayum! What you running an orphanage now?" Andre walked in wearing his signature weird style. He had on some designer being slacks, a plain white dress shirt, a beige bow tie and black suspenders.

"This nigga" I laughed on the inside and pulled him into a hug. "What’s up fam?"

"That’s what I’m asking you!" He laughed and pulled away from me. "All of them kids in your living room. I recognized two of them" He scratched the back of his head while he stared aimlessly at the marble floor. "I can’t pinpoint where I know them from"

"You think they hustlers?" I asked as I gripped the gun on my hip holster.

"Nah, chill fam" I relaxed my hand and sighed before he continued. "They are nothing like that. I’ve just seen them somewhere around some hood but what’s up with them sleeping in your house?"

"Well…" I put the paper in his hand and pointed to the headline about the Combs Trust Bank. "They’re my new employees"

Andre looked back and forth between me and the paper then burst out laughing. “Are you serious? Them little teens are your new employees?”

I stared at him blankly and he stopped laughing immediately. “Read the paper”

He took a few minutes to read the paper then looked to me, shrugging his shoulder nonchalantly. “So somebody finally found the courage to rob Diddy’s bank, so what”

"Those teenagers found the courage to do it" I smirked.

His bottom lip dropped damn near to the floor. “Are you serious? Those kids did this?”

I nodded my head yes. “Did it in less than two minutes. You see why I employed them now?”

"Shit" He flopped down on the chair.

"Exactly" I sat down across from him and gazed into his eyes. "These kids are going to be just what we need to get to Diddy. You think Diddy ain’t pissed right now about somebody robbing his bank?"

"Oh, he pissed" Andre laughed. "He’s probably ready to have his niggas tear the streets up"

"That’s exactly what I want" I said truthfully."I can’t touch that nigga while he’s still in hiding so I’m going to bring him out by the streets bleed like never before but that’s stepping a few steps ahead of my plan. I’m going to have the kids rob the biggest bank in New York then set the trap for Diddy’s sidekick, Nasir. That nigga already has warrants so I’ll make sure he spends the rest of his life in prison for this"

"Mayne that’s some grimy shit, Jay" He shook his head. "Are you sure we’re ready for the backlash? Diddy’s going t-"

"To give up" I finished his sentence for him. "I’m going to fuck up his bitch ass business so much, he’s going to crawl back begging for a spot in my empire. You just got to trust me and get ready to go to war with this nigga. That’s all I’m asking you and everyone in this family"

He nodded his head. “You know I’m always ready so just tell me what you need me to do”

"I need you to bring everybody from Georgia down here" I popped a cigar in my mouth and lit it. 

His eyes widened. “Everybody?”

"Everybody" I blew circles of smoke out then continued. "But I don’t need you to do that until after this robbery, got it?"

"Yeah, I go-" He stopped mid sentence as he nodded towards the doorway.

I turned to find the kids standing there dressed and ready to go. “What’s up, fam?”

"We’re ready to get this job done" Chris said with his eyes glued to Jazmine. "Jazmine’s going to stay here with your girlfrie-"

"No, I’m not" She said in a whisper.

"Yes you are" He said sternly. "She’s not feeling too we-"

"I’m going to go" Jazmine turned her back to him. "I don’t want to leave my friends by themselves in a dangerous situation. Despite of everyone’s religious beliefs, my God wouldn’t want me to do that" 

Chris laughed and shook his head.

I could see the obvious tension between the two of them and it was almost as if I was looking at mini versions of Beyonce and I. I blinked my eyes a few time only to find the minis still standing there with tension floating in the air.

"God definitely wouldn’t want you to do that, sweetie" I smiled. "So, glad to hear you’re coming with us. I wouldn’t want you to disappoint him"

"Or you of course" She fake smiled and Robyn bumped her hard. "Ow! What?"

"It’s alright" I waved them off. "I know Jazmine is still in her feels about last night but you had to do what you had to do to protect your fam. There’s nothing wrong with that. The sooner you realize that, the better your life will be, sweetie"

"Wel-" I held my hand up. "End of conversation. Now" I clapped my hands together one time. "Moving along with the robbing theme, I want all of you to rob the most popular bank in New York"

All of them gasped except for Chris.

"How the hell are we supposed to pull that off? We’re amateur bank robbers!" Drake belted out. "Let’s not mention everything that went wrong on our first try"

"Exactly" Tyga nodded. "Shit was bad, nigga"


"But it wasn’t that bad" Chris stared into my eyes. "I say we case the place for two days then do it. This time, I saw we go for the real big money. The shit in the vaults"

"This nigga" I smirked on the inside. "You think you all are ready for that?"

"HELL NO" Onika answered.

Chris looked to Trey and Alex for an answer and when they nodded their heads, he looked back at me before replying. “Hell yes”

"Uh-Uh!" Onika mushed his head. "We’re not ready for all of that just yet"

"Plus, we need to make sure we have a set plan before we just go in this time. That way…" Robyn looked into Jazmine’s eyes. "Nobody will get hurt"

"People are always going to get hurt in this kind of situation. Will anybody die every time? No but people are going to get hurt, face it. If you don’t like the way that sounds then you can gladly walk out this house broke as fuck and homeless again" Chris paced the floor in front of them back and forth slowly. "We can do this. All of you all are just ready to walk away now because of the money we earned. Twenty-five thousand dollars is a lot for a couple of teenagers and we can indeed live good off of that money but then what? We go back to being broke? Fuck no so we’re doing this job and saving our money up. No spending it on bullshit we don’t need, no spending it on cute little designer dresses and all that bullshit. We’re saving it and we’re doing this job. Understood?" 

All of them nodded their heads.

Chris stopped pacing and looked at me. “Take us to see the bank”

"Okay, boss"

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Anonymous said: So you are still writing this fanfic, right? Cause I am in love.. and the way Chris and Trey act together is just.. omg. they're so funny / clever. I love it so much !

Typing now boo and they’re are definitely very funny together :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chapter 3 : Part 2 : “Bitch Betta Have My Money..”


"Yo I feel like fucking Nino Brown" Tyga dust imaginary dust off his black baggy sweater. "All I need is some gold chains and BOOM!" He clapped his hands together loudly,making Jazmine jump. "I’m that nigga!"

"You that loud annoying ass nigga" Drake said through clenched teeth while sweat beads poured down his face. "Shut the fuck up"


"Let’s not start this shit Tyga" My eyes burned through him as I rubbed Jazmine’s back. "Relax.." I whispered in her ear.

She nodded her head and inhaled deeply then exhaled.

"What? Why y’all all nervous now? Because we in the va-"

"Usually the niggas with the loud mouths end up dead or in jail so I suggest you shut up b" Jay said while he drove the van. "Nelly,show them the mics"

"Mics?" Onika raised one eyebrow.

"To disguise your voice" Nelly pulled some small headsets out of a black duffle bag then handed them to us. "Strap them on your ear and press the button on the side" 

All of us did as we were told.

"Okay now wh-" Trey paused while talking into the mic. "Oh my fucking God I sound like a chipmunk"

Robin giggled then covered her mouth. “Oh my God we all do!”

"Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttt" Tyga burst out laughing.

"Yo,stop" I held my laughter inside. "This is serious shit"

"Agreed but do you hear yourself right now?" Alex smirked. "It is pretty funny,I wanna keep these mics"

"They’re yours as well as the guns,clothing and masks" Jay popped a cigar in his mouth and lit it. "We’re getting close to the bank now"

"You can keep these ugly black clothes" Jazmine mumbled while tying her long braids in a bun.

"Right? These are so ugly ghetto horror movie" Onika rolled her eyes.

"And you’re so bougie poor black chick who is not from trinidad" Robin pushed her playfully.

"Get off me hoe!" She mushed her head. "You know my period is still on! Don’t fuck with me right now!"

"Okay I just thought about it,blood is draining out of your pussy right now…eww" Tyga turned his nose up. "A nigga is turned all the way off"

Onika’s cheeks turned a shade of red out of embarrassment.

"You know she’s going to cry herself to sleep tonight right asshole?" Robin pushed tyga. "Ugh,guys just don’t get it"

"What?" Tyga looked around in confusion. "Wh-"

"You know wh-"

"GOTDAMN IS ANYBODY TRYING TO TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!" Jazmine screamed at the top of her lungs.

All of us gasped at her.

"You said…gotdamn" Onika stared at her.

She cleared her throat and crossed her arms. “Well..because I’m frustrated. It seems like all of us are just taking this job lightly,we have to rob one of the most popular banks in New York. Does nobody understand how hard it’s gonna be?”

Everybody was just quiet.

"We’re just kids.." She whispered. "What if something goes wrong?"

"Do I hear doubts back there?" Jay asked calmly but all of us could tell he was pissed.

"No sir"  I pulled Jazmine closer to me. "Nothing is going to go wrong okay? I promise.."

She looked into my eyes then turned her head.

"Hey.." I turned her head to face me. "I mean it..gotdamn! I mean it.." A sly smirk formed on my face.

She blushed and sucked her teeth. “Ugh,be quiet..”

"Make me" I tickled her side.

She laughed a little and pushed my hands. “Stop,this is not the time nor place for that”

"Very true,we’re here" Jay parked the van a few parking spaces away from the front of the bank and looked back at us. "Are you ready?"

All of us looked out of the tinted windows at the cars lined up.

"Look at all these cars! I thought you said the bank wouldn’t be that crowded at night?" Drake stared in his eyes. "I guess you fucking lied"

"And I guess you want a gun in your mouth little nigga" Nelly clenched his jaw tightly.

"Chill" Jay touched his shoulder.

"Man..the disrespect from these little niggas is getting on my fucking nerves dirty. Real talk,you need to fix that shit" He turned his head and shrugged Jay’s hand off his shoulder.

"And you need to fix your shit before I fix it for you" Jay said with authority. "You know you don’t want me to do that now do you?"

He shook his head no.

"Exactly so get your shit together and get ready to disable these cameras" He gave him a black laptop then put his attention back on us. "I had no clue there was going to be so many people here but we’re here now so might as well get the job done right?" He looked to me for an answer. 

"Right" I put my ski mask on and everybody except for Jay and Nelly followed suit by putting their masks on. 

I picked my machine gun up and gripped it tightly as I stared at the same two burly security guards standing in front of the bank. 

"What’s the plan Chris?" Trey asked. 

"Tyga and Drake will handle the security guards while me,you,Jazmine,Robyn,Onika and Alex go insid-"

"How are we suppose to handle them exactly?" Drake asked.

I sighed and looked at his gun then in his eyes. “Got it?”

He nodded his head,gripped his gun tightly and swallowed hard.

"The cameras are disabled" Nelly announced. "You can go to work now"

"I don’t think you get it quite yet" I pulled the van door open. "But you will" I jumped out of the van,put my gun behind my back and started walking to the entrance.

"What are you doing?" Robin whispered to me. "Are we suppose to get out too?"

I ignored her and kept on walking. “I swear sometimes they act so fucking clueless” I thought as I heard footsteps behind me. I already knew it was Alex,Jazmine and Trey. They were the ones who caught on quickly.

I glanced back at them and nodded my head,letting them know to follow my lead.

They nodded their heads slowly.

I focused my attention back in front of me just in time for us to approach the security guards.

The same brown skin guard who had manhandled me earlier went to draw his gun when I smacked him in the mouth with my gun. “Bitch ass nigga”

"Ah!" He cried out in pain as he dropped his gun on the ground.

Trey followed suit by smacking his partner upside his head with his gun,instantly putting him to sleep.

"Grab their guns" I instructed.

Alex did as he was told.

"Why are y’all doing this man?" The brown skin one wiped blood off his lip. "And why do y’all sound like fucking chipmunks?"

"Those questions are irrelevant. What is relevant is if you stand up,I’ll put two rounds in your skull. Instantly rocking you to sleep forever" Jazmine said smoothly while pointing her gun at his head.

I glanced over at her. “Well gotdamn..not so wholesome after all” I smirked on the inside and out.

"Ple-ple-please" He stuttered terribly. "I-I-I have a famil-"

"Yo!" Tyga,Onika,Drake and Robin yelled as they ran over to us,causing people in the bank to look at us.

"These dumb mothafuckas" My blood pressure flew through the fucking roof. "Stay out here!" I belted out before I pulled Jazmine,trey and alex inside the bank with me. "Get on the mothafucking ground!" I raised my gun up and shot three rounds into the ceiling.

Everybody dropped to the floor out of fear.

"Ah..except for you sweetheart" Jazmine walked to the blonde clerk and pressed her gun to her temple. "If you even think about touching that red button,I’ll blow your fucking brains out"

"Same goes for you Teddy Pendergrass looking nigga" Trey waked to the brown skin clerk and pointed his gun at his head.

Both of them raised their arms up while sweat cascaded down their faces.

"That’s it. See it’s simple right?" I asked nonchalantly. "Follow our commands and nobody gets hurt" I noticed a woman pulling cellphone out of her purse.

"Tisk tisk tisk,always a naughty one bro" Alex ran over to her and banged her head against the floor. "The fuck did he say?" He banged her head again. "Listen to what he says bitch"

Everybody whimpered.

"Hey! Stop crying like little bitches! It’s annoying me.." I started walking backwards to Jazmine while I made sure I pointed my gun at every single one of them.

The fear in their eyes told me they weren’t planning on moving,they just wanted us to get the money and get ghost without anybody getting hurt.

"And you don’t wanna see him annoyed or maybe they do" Alex looked back at me.

"No,please" A elderly woman cried out.

"I don’t think anybody asked you driving miss daisy" Trey said with his attention still on the man.

"Nah they don’t wanna see me annoyed trust me" I pulled a black trash bag out of my back pocket and handed it to Jazmine. "We want everything in the cow"

"And everything in the registers" Trey handed the man a bag. "That’s your job kurtis blow"


Trey smacked him across his mouth with the gun. “Don’t ask questions! Just do it!”

"Ye-yes" His hands shook as he pulled the money out of the register.

"While he’s doing that,you empty that cow" Jazmine jumped over the desk and pushed the woman towards the tall silver box known as the "cow"

The woman’s hands shook as she tried to unlock it.

"You got 30 seconds to open that shit before all of us put ten bullets in your body bitch" I said harshly.

"Ok,ok,ok please.." She begged and tried her best to stop herself from shaking.

Jazmine smacked her lips loudly. “Betty you are taking too long,your time is almost up” She pointed her gun at the back of her head. “Let’s go,the clock is ticking”

She finally got it open and our eyes lit up at the sight of all the money stacked up.

"Ho-ho-ho-how much?" She stuttered.

Jazmine looked back at me.

"All of it" I said sternly.

"You heard him" Jazmine gave her the bag. "All of it"

She quickly pushed all the money into the bag and gave it to Jazmine. “Pl-please just don’t hurt me. I’m only 21 please just take the money and leave”

"We will if you cooperate with us" Jazmine jumped over the desk and looked to me for the next move.

I pulled the woman by her hair over the desk and her body fell hard on the floor.

Jazmine’s jaw dropped. “Wh-“

I turned my back to her and stared at the woman who had mascara tear streaks running down her face. You would think I would’ve felt some sympathy for her but I didn’t feel any type of sympathy whatsoever for her. 

I glanced over at trey and nodded my head towards the man.

He caught the hint and pulled the man over the desk then all of us walked backwards to the door while me and Trey dragged them with us.

"If any of you try to call the fucking police this.." I pistol whipped the woman in the head,instantly knocking her out cold. "Will happen to you. Understand?"

They nodded their heads.

Trey pistol whipped the man in his head and pushed him to the floor. “It’s been fun,we should do this again” Trey saluted them then all of us took off running out of the building to find Tyga struggling with the burly security guard.

"St-st-stop! I swea-swear I’ll shoot!" Onika’s voice shook with every word.

"Please fucking do that" Tyga struggled to breathe.

I looked at Drake and Robin who looked damn near scared shitless. “Fuck..” I shook my head and tried to pull the man away from him.
"Get the fuck off him!"

"Fuck you!" He elbowed me hard in the stomach,knocking the wind out of me.

I fell back on the ground and tried my hardest to catch my breath.

"Get off of him!" Jazmine jumped on his back and punched him in the head continuously. "Get off of him!"

"Fuck you! You think I’m stupid? You’re not going to kill me!" He slammed his back into the wall.

"Ah!" Jazmine winced in pain.

I finally caught my breath and went to grab my gun when a gun shot ranged out.

The man’s grip around Tyga’s throat loosened as he slid down to the floor.

I looked at the small bloody hole on the side of his neck then back at Drake who’s gun was smoking.

"Oh my God.." Jazmine pushed the man off of her and walked over to me. "Is he dead?"

The man took one last gasp for air before his eyes rolled in the back of his head.

"Oh my God" Onika and Robin covered their mouths.

I shook the man and he didn’t even budge. “Shit..” I stood up and grabbed my gun. “We gotta go! Let’s go!” I grabbed Jazmine’s hand and all of us took off running to the van. We climbed inside and I slammed the door closed. “Drive! Fucking drive!”

Jay started the car up and sped away from the scene.

"Oh my God,oh my God,oh my God" Jazmine started hyperventilating. "What….did….we…just…do?"

"Killed a man.." Robin pulled her mask off,displaying her tear filled eyes.

"Out of self defense" Nelly said nonchalantly. "Did you get the money?"

"Fuck the money!" Jazmine threw the bag in his face. "We just killed a man! You said nobody would get hurt! You said that!"

Nelly’s nostrils started flaring like a bull.

"Chill,you did what you had to do. The man would’ve killed Tyga if Drake didn’t shoot him so stop tripping" Jay said sternly. "The most important thing is you guys got out of there in less than two minutes. Not bad at all,with a little more work you guys can get in and out in less than one minute"

"Fuck that,we’re not doing this again" Tyga rubbed his sore throat. "It ain’t worth it"

Nelly emptied the bag full of money out. “Sure about that?”

All of us stared at the money in complete awe.

Trey dumped the other bag out. “Shit,that has got to be over 20 thou”

"Actually,it’s over 30 thou.." Drake looked at me.

"Shit" Alex pulled his mask off. "I say that is fucking worth it"

"And 50 percent of that is ours right?" Onika reminded him.

"Yes,I’m a man of my word" Jay puffed on his cigar. "You guys put in the work so you guys deserve 50 percent"

"Quick! What’s 50 percent of 30 thou?" Robin wiped her tears away and snapped her fingers.

"I know,a whole lot of fucking money bitch!" Onika threw money in the air.

Robin burst out laughing. “Hell yeah!”

Suddenly,everybody completely forgot about us just killing a man. Money was all that was on our minds. Everybody tried to catch money except for Jazmine.

I moved closer to her and wrapped my arm around her shoulder.

She shrugged my arm off her shoulder and stared out of the window.

"Jazmine,we did what we had to do" I said softly into her ear.

"You promised me" She cried through clenched teeth. "You promised me nobody would get hurt.."

I cut my eyes low. “Well I guess I should stop making promises if we’re going to do this for a living”

Her eyes damn near popped out of her head. “What?”

"Jazmine we made over 30 thousand dollars in less than two minutes" I said with a gleam in my eye "There’s no way I’m quitting this shit"

"Correction,we stole over 30 thousand dollars in less than two minutes” She turned her head.

"Whatever you wanna call it. We still got 30 thousand dollars in our possession right now. There’s no way in hell I’m going to stop robbing banks because you in your feelings and shit" I said coldly and slid away from her.

"Let’s get back to the house so we can count this money.."



Typing now,ahh I missed writing this fanfic :) Chapter is CRAZY in a good way

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